Main transactions

On 26 February 2010, the share capital of Ansaldo STS Transportation Systems (India) Private Ltd., entirely owned by Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd., was increased by 300 million Indian rupees through the issue of 30 million new shares. As of today, the share capital of the company amounts to 312,915,050 Indian rupees.
On 23 April 2010, the Shareholders in the Extraordinary Meeting resolved upon the free share capital increase for a total amount of EUR 50,000,000.00, to be implemented by recognising reserves to share capital, through the issue of 100 million of new ordinary shares of the company with a par value of EUR 0.50 each, to be made within 31 December 2014, in fi ve annual tranches of EUR 10,000,000 each, represented by 20,000,000 newly-issued ordinary shares.
The shares relating to the fi rst tranche were issued on 5 July 2010 upon the detachment of coupon no. 4, and were allocated on the basis of one newly-issued share every fi ve shares already owned on that date, they have a standard dividend entitlement and therefore no dividend for the year ended 31 December 2009 is to be paid out.
After the fi rst tranche, the share capital of Ansaldo STS amounted to EUR 60,000,000.00 represented by 120,000,000 ordinary shares with a par value of EUR 0.50 each.
In relation with the following tranches, the assignment ratio for the newly-issued shares will be calculated based on the share capital existing at the date of the share capital increase. The issue will be made during the second half of each year.
The Shareholders in the Extraordinary Meeting changed Article 5 of the Company By-Laws by adding a second paragraph to the first paragraph to illustrate the share capital increase resolved.
On the same date, the Shareholders in the Extraordinary Meeting also gave a new proxy to the Board of Directors pursuant to Article 2443 of the Italian Civil Code, to be exercised by 20 April 2015, for the share capital increase, upon payment and severally, one or more times, for a maximum amount of EUR 50,000,000.00 by issue of ordinary shares to be offered to those entitled, or with the exclusion of the right of option pursuant to Article 2411, paragraph four of the Italian Civil Code, in favour of institutional investors, as well as industrial and/or fi nancial partners that are deemed strategic for the company business. At the same time, the Meeting revoked, to
the extent of the unused portion, the resolutions of the share capital increase pursuant to Articles 2443 and 2441, paragraph four of the Italian Civil Code, passed by the Shareholders in the Extraordinary Meeting of 12 December 2005 and 22 December 2005, due on 1 December 2010. It is not the intention of the Board of Directors to exercise immediately the new proxy. The Shareholders in the Extraordinary Meeting subsequently changed Article 5, paragraph 4 of the Company By-Laws indicating the details of the new proxy.
In the reporting period, Ansaldo STS through its subsidiary Ansaldo STS Australia acquired from Corridor Infrastructure Development Holdings (Pty) Ltd 49.3% of the shares held by the latter in Ansaldo STS-Infradev South Africa (Pty) Ltd., therefore holding 100% of the shares in the South African company. Due to this, on 21 June 2010, the company changed its company name into “Ansaldo STS South Africa (Pty) Ltd”.
Still during the fi rst half of 2010, the Company established with the local partner JSC REMLOCOMOTIV the Joint Venture “Kazakhstan TZ-Ansaldo STS Italy Limited Liability Partnership”, where Ansaldo STS owns 49% of the shares and the remaining 51% is owned by the
Kazakhi partner.
As regards the performance of commercial activities, the main orders acquired by Ansaldo STS during the reporting period are:

  • a contract with Metroselskabet, company owner of the Copenhagen Metro, for the operation and maintenance of the Copenhagen driverless metro. The amount of the 5-year contract was EUR 180 million with an option for three more years;
  • a contract with the Municipality of Genoa for the extension of the Depot of the Dinegro station of the Genoa Metro, for a total amount of EUR 42.3 million;
  • through the Joint Venture “Kazakhstan TZ-Ansaldo STS Italy Limited Liability Partnership”, a contract with the Kazakhi Railways KTZ (Kazakhstan Temir Zholy) for EUR 70 million for the design, supply, installation and operation of the signalling systems and telecommunications of the Zhetygen - Korgas line (300 km in the South-East of the country). Ansaldo’s share amounted to EUR 50 million. The agreement is particularly important because it gives Ansaldo STS the possibility to well position for the huge investments planned in the Country for the next 10 years to strengthen the railway network;
  • a contract with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. for the technological strengthening of the Genoa Railway Junction for a total amount of EUR 43.7 million. The works relate to the implementation of initiatives for the security and signalling systems with innovative technology, Central Calculator System (ACC) Multistation and telecommunications, between the stations of Genova Voltri and Genova Brignole;
  • a contract, included in the Concession for the designing and building of Line 6 for the Naples Metro for EUR 160.5 million. Ansaldo STS is a Concessionaire for the Municipality of Naples of the designing and construction of all the civil and technological works of the entire
    Line 6. This contract adds up to those signed in December 2003 and September 2007, a confi rmation of the quality and reliability of the work performed by Ansaldo STS.