The company Ansaldo STS

The top tier of the company was not changed during the fi rst half of 2010. The Company’s offi cers thus include:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Alessandro Pansa (appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 21 November 2005);
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors: Sante Roberti (appointed by the Board of Directors’ meeting of 24 February 2006);
  • CEO: Sergio De Luca (appointed by the Board of Directors’ meeting of 14 June 2007).
  • Since 1 January 2010, following the restructuring envisaged in the “Fast Forward Driven by Business (FFDB)” project, Ansaldo STS adopted an organisation structure based on business units. Global Business Units report directly to the CEO and integrate their expertise and professionalism from the various geographical areas where the company operates. Accordingly, the new fi rst-level organisation structure of Ansaldo STS will be organised as follows:
  • Directly reporting to Sergio De Luca, CEO:
    • Signalling Business Unit: Emmanuel Viollet
    • Transportation Solutions Business Unit: Lyle Jackson;
    • Standard Platforms & Products Business Unit: Maurizio Manfellotto;
    • Innovation & Competitiveness: Giovanni Bocchetti;
    • Company Secretary and General Counsel: Mario Orlando;
    • Chief Financial Officer: Alberto Milvio;
    • Human Resources: Carlo Cremona;
    • Standard Processes Quality & IT Services: Christian Andi;
    • Risk Management: Roberto Passalacqua;
    • HSE & Facility Management: Giuseppe Spezzi;
    • Security: Giovanni Rapiti.
  •  Directly reporting to the Chairman of the Board of Directors:
    • Internal Audit: Mauro Giganti.

Alan Calegari is confi rmed as CEO of Ansaldo STS USA, a company that will be included in the new world organisation from January 2011.

With resolution dated 27 January the Board approved the proposal to form a Newco in Saudi Arabia, a Joint Venture with a local company.
ASTS agreed with the SBG group to set up a company organised under the laws of Saudi Arabia to develop ASTS’ business in that region by taking part together in calls for tenders and private negotiations. The Newco will be a Saudi Arabian Limited Liability Company (LLC) under the name Ansaldo STS Saudi, held at 65% by ASTS and at 35% by the company Al Safwa.

During the meeting of 29 March the fi rst Sustainability Report of the Ansaldo STS group was submitted to the Board. It was later made available to the market for the Shareholders’ meeting of 22/23 April 2010. The Report was also published on Ansaldo STS’s Internet site.

Pursuant to Article 2, letter b of Legislative Decree 81/2008, the Board, with resolution dated 27 May 2010, approved the proposal of the company to identify only one Employee, appointing Mr Giuseppe Spezzi to this purpose. The Board also approved the new organisation structure regarding work safety and hygiene and environment protection and gave Mr Spezzi all the powers necessary for the implementation of the relevant activities.

The Board gave its consent to a consulting agreement with a company named Hay Group, which will support Ansaldo STS in developing a Global Job System, i.e. a platform for organisational development that also is a basis for the subsequent implementation of HR processes, such as selection, training, career & development plan, compensation, performance management.

The Board also approved the involvement of Ansaldo STS in the project for the reform of the Italian Technical High Schools (ITS) defi ned by Finmeccanica and the Italian Ministry of Education through the Protocol of Understanding signed in November 2009. Under this project, the companies of the Finmeccanica group, in their respective territories, will take part in the establishment of Foundations whose purpose will be to manage two-year post-graduate technical training courses with the main objective to provide young graduates from the Italian technical high schools with higher and more developed training opportunities suitable to meet the growing demand from enterprises for highly-qualifi ed technicians.
In actual terms, Ansaldo STS will be the co-founder of a soon-to-be-established Foundation based in Campania, together with other enterprises, high schools, training entities, research bodies, universities and local authorities. The proposing entity and coordinator of all the bureaucratic issues of this Project in Campania is ITA - Fondazione Villaggio dei Ragazzi.
The Foundation is expected to be established by next July and courses are scheduled to start at the beginning of 2011. ASTS’s fi nancial burden, considering the above-said public allocations, is rather symbolic, the sum of EUR 2,500 to be paid as the foundation is established, and the hourly fees sustained by the company for the technical teaching provided in the study plan that is being prepared.